as UNusual."

Gabrielle Smith, OWNER

We strive to rethink what we use in our daily lives to empower our local communities and planet as a whole.  Moddest Co. is committed to providing everyday products manufactured using sustainable supply chain management.  From our manufacturer and materials used to our shipping materials, we come full circle with a passion to save the environment.  Maybe one person or business can’t do this alone, but collectively with our customers’ passion, maybe we can do it together. 


The Make


From the start of it all, our manufacturer does good. Public Thread is our female owned manufacturing company that pays living wages to all workers involved. They are located in our home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Not only do we support the local success and health of our city, we are minimizing the pollutants occurring in the transportation process from our goods to you. Our labels sewn onto our goods are printed by Unitas, a company committed to hiring formerly incarcerated employees and fighting for United States prison reform. On top of all this, our labels are printed on thrifted clothing items and heat-cut by us.

The Product

We strive to create our goods almost entirely from reused or repurposed materials.  In doing so, we keep OTHER companies’ nasty byproducts out of our landfills and atmosphere.  We also don’t rely on dyes to create our aesthetic; we keep materials as is. This not only keeps toxins out of our waterways, but also minimizes our use of destructive chemicals from companies which have a hand in further crippling developing nations.


The Transfer

Moddest Co. is committed to having a fully sustainable supply chain. This includes the companies we put faith in- so is the case for our shipping materials.  We use The Better Packaging Co.  for our sustainable shipping packaging.  They are a company we believe in and have put our trust in to complete our sustainable supply chain through their recyclable, compostable, and cool ass shipping materials.

"Our mission is challenging minds to reconsider the possibilities buried in unwanted junk designated as worthless or trash. We believe anyone can live modestly, leaving only the lightest impact behind us."